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The country of Myanmar (Burma) is home to a vast number of islands, coral reefs and banks, all of which lie to the north and west of Thailand. Because of the distance to Myanmar's most popular dive areas-the Mergui Archipelago and the Burma Banks-dive excursions are limited to live-aboards based out of Phuket, Thailand, and Kawthaung, Myanmar (Burma). Known to Thais as Ko Song (meaning "Second Island"), Kawthaung is also referred to by its colonial name of Victoria Point. This small fishing town is the gateway to the region's dive sites-even live-aboards from Phuket need to stop here to go through customs. While Thailand based vessels usually dive in the Similans and Surin areas as well as Myanmar (Burma), boats based in Kawthaung generally specialize in their national waters. Typical itineraries range from 4 to 10 days, regardless of where the boats are based. If you are shopping for a dive trip to Myanmar (Burma), keep in mind that nearly all dive operators still refer to the country by its former name, Burma.

While diving here is similar in some ways to diving in Thailand, there are also many differences, including an abundance of uncommon and unusual marine life. Another positive point is the relative scarcity of dive boats here compared with Thai waters, at least for the time being.

Mergui Archipelago & Burma Banks Dive Sites

  • Western Rocky Island:
  • Fan Forest Pinnacle:
  • High Rock:
  • North Twin Island:
  • North Twin Plateau:
  • Three Islets (In Through the Out Door):
  • Black Rock:
  • Northeast Little Torres Island:
  • Burma Banks:

Dive Sites - Myanmar (Burma)

The Mergui Archipelago and the remote Burmese Banks are today the "must" for every serious sea lover. Myanmar opened its rich waters to foreigners in 1997, after a closed period of over 50 years. More than 800 islands are scattered on 3600 km2, waiting for exploration. Some of them are inhabited by the sea-gypsies that once were the sole population of the Siam's West Coast, the only people you may see during your trip. A few dive shops only have been allowed to operate the Burmese waters. So just imagine : underwater, untouched reefs, no boat engine to tear your ears apart, no curtains of bubbles to obstruct your vision; at the surface, deserted beaches, fishing villages, amazing rock formations… Do not miss this unique opportunity to explore truly non-crowded sites. You'll be cruising a long lost archipelago, one of the last.

Black Rock

Black Rock is one of most spectacular dive sites in the Mergui archipelago with an excellent variety of reef life and abundance of large pelagics including Silvertips, Gray reef sharks, Blacktips, Bull sharks, Eagle and Manta rays. It stands in a northwest to southeast position, with steep banks all around, and with a wall on its wes t and south west sides. There are beautiful soft coral formations in the deeper areas. Black Rock is a truly awesome Burma dive site. Not to be missed!

Shark Cave ( OK Rock)

Another of the top Mergui Archipelago diving sites, Shark Cave is known for its resident docile nurse sharks. The ragged cave entrance is on the North West corner of the islet, and is 5-16 metres deep. Often found guarding the entance are several grey reef sharks, long-fin trevally and silver sweetlips. On the far side of the bowl a tunnel leads to the other side of the island and a beautiful hard coral reef.

Twins Island (South twin and North twin)

South and North Twins Island lay the 48 nautical miles far west of Shark Cave. The Twin Islands' waters are visited by bull sharks, rainbow runners, and eagle rays. One kilometer to the North West of North Twin laid a series of sloping rocky ridges. These ridges have sea fans, and flower corals. Lobsters and Many rays can be seeing in there.

High Rock

High Rock is a small islet with a single tree. The depth is only 18 - 25m with plenty of soft coral and cup coral especially in the deeper parts. Seahorses are commonly found. The many cracks and crevices and barrel sponges dominate the seabed with common lion fish and bearded scorpion fish sheltering inside their rims from the currents.

Western Rocky

A small barren island, perhaps 60 m wide, it is home to hundreds of painted spiny lobsters and some playful nurse sharks. Cuttlefishes and big reef squid are common, and giant fusiliers sweep over the reef, made up of large flower corals and yellow featherstars. There is a tunnel leads right through the island.

Burma Banks

The Burma banks are a group of seamounts with surrounding waters exceeding a depth of 300 m, the top of the banks rise to within 15-24 m of the surface. Silvertips sharks are quite common here. Tawny nurse sharks are also easily spotted, as they doze half-hidden under the overhangs created by the table corals that dot the flat seascape here.

Mergui Princess Cruise1


Mergui Princess Cruise (1) is newly live aboard which can be accommodated maximum 6 passengers. All cabins onboard are air-conditioned and offering great sea view. She has one queen size bed and one bunk bed room with en suite bathroom are on the main deck and one twin bed room without en suite bathroom is on the upper deck.


Mergui Princess Cruise

Mergui Princess Cruise 1

Mergui Princess is a fast and comfortable liveaboard with 3 air-conditioned master bed rooms with bathroom attached, 2 air-conditioned king size bed rooms, 3 air-conditioned twin bunk bed rooms which can accommodate 16 clients and 5 crew members. It is 80 feet long.


MV Dawei Princess


Dawei Princess is specially built for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and sport fishing adventure trip basing Dawei City. She is equipped with dive platform, dining area, sun deck, 20 seats in air conditional hall, toilet and shower. The crews are fantastic, always doing their best to make you feel safe and comfortable.


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5 Days - 4 Nights 

Kawthaung, 115 Island, Nyaung Wee Island, Myauk Ni Island, Ranong for Shopping

Feel sand, sun and sea and enjoy shopping.


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Salone Boat

Myanmar Andaman Resort is located on Fork (Macleod) Island in Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago, Southern part of Myanmar (Burma) at Latitude 10 10' and Longitude 97 58' and 40 nautical miles from Kawthaung (Victoria Point) and Ranong, Thailand and 160 nautical miles from Myeik (Mergui). Myanmar Andaman Resort is designed to meet the requirements of those who love to enjoy sun, sand, sea and nature on the beach / island and as well as to take part in activities of Marine Eco Tourism.

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SY Wanderlust


51' Wooden Ketch Rigged Trimaran professionally built and maintained. Eight passengers in 2 double and 2 single cabins.



Sea Horse

sea-horse-1 photo

The Sea Horse provides all the comfort divers may need. Guests will find comfortable accommodation 4 air conditioned private double berth cabins.

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SY Meta IV

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Our flagship Meta IV was designed by the naval architect Thomas E. Colvin, who gave the vessel her beautiful shape and robust hull.

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Dive Sites - Myanmar (Burma)

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The Mergui Archipelago and the remote Burmese Banks are today the "must" for every serious sea lover. Myanmar opened its rich waters to foreigners in 1997, after a closed period of over 50 years.

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SY Raja Laut


The Raja Laut is a magnificent gaff-topsail schooner built in the tradition of the 19th century Baltic traders. The 100 ft hull is entirely built of iron wood.

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Diving Trip One

diving 11 copy

Trip M1 (USD 1071)
 Mergui Archipelago, Twin Island & Shark Cave
  6Days/ 5 Nights (18 Dives)

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Diving Trip Two

Diving Trip Two

Trip M2 (USD 1230)
(North Mergui Archipelago, Black Rock)
7 Days/ 6 Nights (22 Dives)

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Namjai Sport Fishing Boat

Namjai 1

Sport fishing Boat around Burma Bank

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Sea World - 1


Providing all the comfort divers need. All accommodation onboard is air-conditioned and located on the main deck, offering great seaviews.

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Sea World is brand new wooden boat, is build in 2007. We carefully designed for all purpose of liveaboard safari,

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