The Islands in the Mergui Archipelago


There are so many islands lying between North Lat 98.38' E to 11N in Kawthaung district. Among them, some islands have the beautiful sandbanks, clean water, sea creatures and animals that catch the tourists’ eyes. They are as follow:

  1. Nyaung Wi (Palu Bada)
  2. Bo Cho island (Punala)
  3. National Marine Park or Long Island (Lampi)
  4. Ko Fot island (Ku Bo)
  5. Wa Ali island (Wale)
  6. Ganzar Gyi island (Kan Za Gyi)
  7. Phila island (Gt Swinton)
  8. Big Cave island (Cavern)
  9. Ba Wei island (Steward)
  10. Bo Wi island (Mc Carthy)

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Nyaung Wi (Palu Bada)

There are three major islands in Palu Bada. They are as follow –

  1. No . 115 island
  2. Po Ni island
  3. Big Naung Wi island

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Bo Cho island (PuNala) 10.41.00N 98.16.006E/4 mile from Lampi

After Nyaung Wi island is Big Bocho island which is made up of Linshu, Gugyi. The village called Makyone Galet can be accessed by a narrow passage. In western part of Bo Cho island located three small islands and each side are full of small rock .In the south also scatters with the drying rock in mid-channel. Anchor in 4 – 7 meters on a muddy bottom. The current can run up to 3 knots at mid- tide, so try plan around this for easier anchoring; put out plenty of chain. Beat to anchor opposite the small village on the north of Pu Nala. This village is the only habitation in the area and is definitely worth a visit. The local monk at the Buddhist temple welcomes all; educational gifts of pencils, pens, exercise pads and sweets are a favourite with the children. Take your cameras, as these scenes may astonish even the most experienced traveler.

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Lampi The west coast of lampi (50 miles from Kawthaung)

Lampi is the most popular island for the tourists in Kawthaung archipelago. This island is rich of many wild animals, Mangrove rivers, birds, clean water and Coral Reefs. It will take three days in Lampi to see in detail. There are nine different parts in it. They are as follow-

  • A.South Mangrove River
  • B.Middle River
  • C.No. 60 Island
  • D.Crocodile River
  • E.Ko Fot Island
  • F.Salet Galet
  • G.Wa Ale
  • H.South Kan Zar Gyi Island
  • I.North Kan Zar Gyi Island 

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Great Swinton Island

  1. It is also a special place for snorkeling because of Coral Reefs. A mile-long beach is in the northern, Gt Swinton. So, it is very beautiful. There is a diving site, on a mount, three miles from it. Some companies called it Shark Cave after the cave and sharks under water which is 8 to 10 meters deep.
  2. A half-mile-long beach, snorkeling place is in the South-western Gt. Swinton. A mount is in the southern Island.
  3. About a mile-long beach is in the North-eastern Island , has a lot of coral reefs and 9 to 12 meter deep.
  4. Boywe Island, a fresh-water-well, is located in the South of Gt. Swinton where the fishermen fetch water and take a bath.

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Dommel Island

A. Anakena Bay 

It is a beautiful bay in Myeik archipelagoes and has an anchorage 200 meters from the beach which is 8 to 10 meters deep. The beach is about one mile long and has a mangrove river, can enter by fiber boat, is in the southern island. So many birds and some wild animals can be seen.

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Bentick Island

West Bay

A special place to go around by fiber kayat, the anchorage is about 10 meters deep. Although the beach is small, big shady trees are good for B.B.Q.

Prinsep Island

  1. It has a 150 feet Tower Rock in the northern Prinsep so it is an unusual island in Myeik archipelagoes. The anchorage is 30 to 35 meters deep and between two islands, also have Diving site there. The villagers are farmers, gardeners and fishermen. They use water buffaloes when they plough.
  2. The mangrove trees and a herd of swines can be seen in the easten Peinspe island. A waterfall is in the end of the mangrove forest.
  3. A Salon village, 100 people live there. That’s why a nice place to learn about the tradition and culture of those people.

Elphine Stone Island

  1. A special place to take refuge for the monsoon. There are three small sandbanks and the anchorage is 15 meters deep, a hundred meters from the sandbanks.
  2. It is the best shelter during the monsoon. The anchorage is 10 to 12 meters deep and 75 meters from the sandbank. A small fishermen village is in the southern sandbank. Can go the mangrove river by fiber kayat and see some animals like Monitor. Lizards, Swines, and monkeys.
  3. The pearl farm is in the southern island. A joint Venture in Myanmar and Australia company operate it and can visit there.

Thaninthayi Island

A stopover to get to Myeik. An anchorage is 15 meters deep and a long sandbank in the north-western bay. A good snorkeling site because of white sand and coral reef. No animals except birds there.

Approach to Mergui (Myeik) Port

On the way to Myeik port, head for between King Island and Iron passage, especially for the big ships. It is a safe way but be careful of the strong currents and strong eddies. After those islands go straight to Navigation Light (F1-8m). The nearer to the light, shallower the sea is. So, for the big ships have to wait till the tide goes up. It is about 5 meters deep about the light. After that light, manage to find a Navigation Light at the pot in Myeik but hard to find it. If so, use the binoculars and look for the pagoda at the top of mountain first, the light is down near that pagoda. Be careful! Around 150 meters from the Navigation Light is Shallow see. Move the boat till horizontal line with a standing Buddha image on your right, then turn the boat to Pahtaw Pahtat Pagoda. The best stopover is the opposite of the reclining Buddha image on the Pahtaw Island where the beauty of Myeik port and Buddha Image can be seen. It is about 12-15 meters deep.

The diving sites in Kawthaung district

  1. According to the foreign divers, the diving sites in Myeik archipelagoes are as beautiful as other famous international diving sites because of the hard corals and Sea Fans. Nowadays, the good reputation of the Mergui Archipelago and diving sites are more and more popular
  2. I would like to mention the popular dive sites in Kawthaung and Mergui Archipelagoes. The dive sites on the map are mentioned just about under water.

Dive Sites

  1. Western Rocky
  2. Sea Fans Pinnacle
  3. Boulder Rock
  4. Mc Carthy Rock
  5. Stewart Rock
  6. Cavern Rock
  7. High Rock
  8. Rocky Island
  9. Shark Cave
  10. South Twin
  11. North Twin

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Dive site in Myeik District

  1. Not many dive sites in Myeik archipelago, only good for the adventure trip. As the green water, the divers are not very interested in that area.
  2. As rich of Marine life, hard corals, Soft corals, sea fans and blue water some dive sites are very popular among the divers. They are as follows:
  • Black Rock
  • Submarine Rock
  • North East Little Torres
  • Flether Point

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The Mergui Archipelago and the remote Burmese Banks are today the "must" for every serious sea lover. Myanmar opened its rich waters to foreigners in 1997, after a closed period of over 50 years.

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Myanmar(Burma) is home to a vast number of islands, coral reefs and banks, all of which lie to the north and west of Thailand. Because of the distance to Myanmar's most popular dive areas-the Mergui Archipelago and the Burma Banks-dive excursions are limited to live-aboards based out of Phuket, Thailand, and Kawthaung, Myanmar(Burma).

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